Zoomers – Boomers with Zip!

Have you heard about the Zoomers? Canada’s Baby Boomers are redefining themselves to reflect more of a youthful, physically active, and vibrant persona. According to zoomermag.com “Zoomers – boomers with Zip” is a term coined by media mogul Moses Znaimer that refers to Canada’s 45+ populace.

While their predecessors wore the badge of “Senior” with pride, many Zoomers cringe at such a term. They are a generation who are living longer, enjoying good health, and physical activity. Zoomers are typically well-educated and technologically savvy. In addition, they are often wealthier than their predecessors as Zoomers are staying in the work force longer and officially retiring later in life.

Znaimer explains, “They [Zoomers] are the single most influential consumer group in the history of the world. They have more money and time than any other demographic by far. Zoomers are over 14 million strong: nearly 1 in every 3 Canadians has celebrated a 50th birthday. They don’t follow the crowd. They are the crowd. They’ve led, then transformed, then dominated every market they’ve entered.” (zoomermag.com).

Quick facts:

  • Zoomers are considered those who are 45+

          ~This is about 14.8 millions Canadians, or 56% of the adult population

  • Zoomers control 72% of consumer wealth

        ~ This accounts for 58% of consumer spending (Zoomermedia Ltd)

The massive and growing demographic of Zoomers is frequently overlooked in marketing as companies cater to the under-40 crowd. Eagle-Com has been researching this key demographic and we believe they are an extremely important group, not to be overlooked! In order to reach this demographic – with advertising, fund-raising campaigns, programs, or through other means – it is essential that you understand both what matters to them and how to communicate effectively with them.

And whatever you do, don’t call them Seniors!

Zoomer Canada

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