New Promoted Posts from Facebook

If your ministry/organization currently has a Facebook Page, you will want to be aware of some details that have come to light since Facebook became a publicly traded company on May 18th, 2012.

Facebook recently revealed that not everyone who “Likes” a business/ministry page will actually receive the updates on their news feeds that are posted by the organization they “Like”.  In fact, only 16% of those who “Like” a page will receive the post – and those who do, may not even see the post before it’s no longer recent news.

For those that have worked diligently to create awareness of their Facebook page and increase the number of “Likes” to their business, this is disappointing news.

To address this concern, Facebook has now introduced two new ways to help businesses and organizations reach a larger group of current fans:

  • “Promoted Posts”
    • This new advertising feature was launched last week, on May 30th.  To facilitate a “Promoted Post”, the owner or administrator of a business/ministry page on Facebook would simply write a status update – and promote that post at a cost – in order to reach a larger audience of those who have already “Liked” that page. The cost to promote a post can vary from $5 – $20 for a 3-day (maximum) promotion, and our research shows that it could increase the visibility of that post by 50 – 80%.  Since promoted posts show up at the very top of news feeds with the label “sponsored”, this option could be very effective in promoting specific events, offers and products, for example.  However, be sure to keep in mind that this new feature is less than a week old and still largely untested.
  • “Show in News Feed”
    • Should you wish to simply increase the number of users who see your posts and therefore reach a larger group of current “fans”, there is a way to accomplish this at no cost. We have already noticed a number of businesses/companies that have posted an update, asking that their fans make a quick change to their news feed settings; here is a sample update that you can post on your Facebook page:“Attention Fans: Thank you so much for liking our page. Due to some recent updates made by Facebook, we’re asking you to please change a quick setting to ensure our status updates appear in your news feed. Hover over the “Liked” button under our cover photo, and in the drop down menu, click on “Show in News Feed”. This way, you will see the updates for everything new and exciting we will be sharing! Thank you!”

These options serve different purposes, both are easy to implement, and both would increase the numbers of current fans that see your Facebook posts.  For more information on how to facilitate “Promoted Posts” and the guidelines that need to be followed, please contact us for more details!


About Marian Vander Meulen

Media Director at Eagle-Com Marketing Inc.
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