The Results Are In!

The BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) released their latest radio audience data on June 7th (Based on 13-week survey period:  February 27 – May 27, 2012), and Eagle-Com has reviewed and analyzed the data as well as potential changes in Canada’s radio landscape.   It is clear that there are many people (including Christians) that listen to secular radio each day!  Eagle-Com is developing creative strategies for ministry organizations to reach those listeners – it’s all about reaching people where they are!

WHO IS #1?

All radio stations could claim to be #1 if they highlighted a particular target group at a particular time of the day!  However, there are some stations that are undeniably popular with the majority of adult listeners.  For example, here is a list of the top ten markets in Canada and the station that is reaching the highest number of the often sought-after group: Females age 25-54.

While this represents only one particular demographic, Eagle-Com would be pleased to provide radio audience data for a group that matters to your organization!

*BBM and PPM are audience measurement methods.


Some Details About BBM & PPM

How does radio measurement work?

  • The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (BBM) selects a sample group of people in each market to record their radio listening habits. These listeners vary in age, gender, race, education level and income level to ensure a broad spectrum of listeners that is representative of the markets.

How is the data collected?

  • Until very recently there was only one way in which audience data was collected:  the diary method. This involved people writing down in a ‘diary’ when they listen, how long they tuned in, and the station details.  A newer method called PPM was introduced in the five major markets of Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, Montreal and Toronto in the summer of 2010 and is used exclusively in these markets. PPM (Personal People Meters) collects data electronically through a device that is worn by the people in a sample group.  This device picks up all radio signals that the wearer is exposed to (including in public places) and reports on the total amount of radio to which the listener is exposed. This latest release marks the eleventh 13-week period in the new era of measurement in the five major markets; all other markets continue with the BBM (diary) method of data collection.

Why is audience data information available for only some stations?

  • In order for BBM to provide station measurement data in their report, individual stations are required to subscribe to this service.   Some stations are not in a position to pay the fee associated with this subscription, and therefore their audience data is not reported.  Regrettably, most Christian and Community stations have not elected to become members of BBM.

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