Donors are Real People – Do You Understand Them?

Recently, the Eagle-Com Team joined a webinar hosted by the Pursuant Group titled “Mail, Email, Tweets or Text Messages? How to Motivate Your Multi-Generational Donor File.” The results were based on an extensive survey the Pursuant Group performed in the U.S. Let’s just say . . . it was packed full of great information!

Here’s the breakdown:

The Major Findings

  • 61% – 75% of total donors are women (based on age groups)
  • 40% – 51% of total donors wait more than 1 year to give to the ministry (based on age groups)
  • The average age of a ministry donor is 66
  • The majority of engagement occurs in the morning from radio listeners
  • One third of donors actively use social media – Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are the most popular

What to Focus On

  • Driving traffic to online mediums
  • Communicating across all channels
  • Intentionally engaging donors
  • Changing the traditional broadcast model

Ten Principles for Engaging Donors Under 30

  1. Relationships Matter
  2. The Engagement Cycle is Long
  3. Specifics Matter
  4. Give Them a Voice
  5. Let them Explore & Learn About the Organization
  6. You Must Control Your Whole Online Presence
  7. Print Media is Declining
  8. Emails Being Viewable Across All Devices
  9. Find New Ways to Prospect
  10. Adapt Content Distribution

The webinar spanned donor statistics from every generation, as well as looked at giving habits, trends, graphs, charts, and forecasts! The Pursuant Group effectively addressed newfound information, quickly summarized it, and demonstrated how ministries can apply it to their current practices in order to . . .

Are we leaving you wanting more?! Click here to watch the full presentation.

or learn more about the Pursuant Group:

Pursuant Group | | @Pursuant |

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