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Email Marketing – How to Stand Out from the Pack

Today, Eagle-Com Marketing brings you some important reminders and key information on the topic of email marketing. After compiling our findings, we noticed a similar formula that many of us strive to achieve – each email marketing campaign should grab … Continue reading

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Highlights from our day with our clients… Charles Morris: “Unity in Christ” Started the day off right by focusing our minds and hearts on Jesus Spoke on how Christians should respond to devastating events such as the recent Aurora shootings … Continue reading

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The Current State of Digital Media in Canada

“Digital Media” – A subject that didn’t exist 20 years ago . . . and now it’s a vital component of all communication strategies. Eagle-Com recognizes the importance and diversity of digital media and how it can be effectively used … Continue reading

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Your Social Media Gone Wrong

It’s evident that there has been a rushing flood towards social media; it’s now an important aspect of your business and marketing, but is your organization using it correctly? In fact, you could be using it all wrong, and missing … Continue reading

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The Trustworthy Newspaper

You see them stacked in neat piles in blue boxes awaiting recycling. They are often sitting in the doorway outside your hotel room in the morning. You find them wrinkled and torn on Tim Horton’s tables. They are just about … Continue reading

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