The Trustworthy Newspaper

You see them stacked in neat piles in blue boxes awaiting recycling. They are often sitting in the doorway outside your hotel room in the morning. You find them wrinkled and torn on Tim Horton’s tables. They are just about the only thing still free on many commercial flights.

But, does anybody actually read the newspaper anymore?

The answer is a resounding and somewhat surprising, “YES!”

According to the Newspaper Audience Databank, 8 out of 10 Canadians read a newspaper each week and 73% pick up a printed copy at least once a week. Nearly half of all Canadians handle a printed copy daily. And yes, there’s an app for that. A growing number of Canadians, predominantly those under 35, peruse headlines daily on their smart phones, tablets, and e-readers.

Long gone are the days of typewriters, linotype, and carbon paper. Many newspapers are available online, and subscriptions are even available on Kindles and other e-readers. Social media plays a large role in helping breaking news get to the palm of your hand. News spreads faster than ever before in history as headlines or snippets of articles are posted on Facebook and Twitter with a link to the rest of the story. And the majority of people do click on the link to visit the newspaper’s site and read the full article.

So why, in our digital age, with every imaginable bit of information available at our fingertips, are newspapers still so prominent? The answer is simple: TRUST. Newspapers have always been the most trusted form of media, more than another other medium, and they remain so today. Internet rumors and tabloid stories abound, but there is something factual and trustworthy in the printed word of a newspaper. Most people will still point to a good ol’ newspaper as their most trusted source for news. This includes online. Newspaper websites are considered to be the most trusted news source for news online (

This translates into trust in advertising. Advertisers often align with this trusted source to reach consumers. It makes sense. Newspapers are a trusted medium, so the advertising contained within is assumed to be reputable and trustworthy itself.

The trust factor has kept newspapers not only in business but as a growing business. Canada has seen an increase of 21% more newspapers in the last 40 years. There are over 1000 community newspapers in Canada today (  In keeping with the times, Newspapers are also very “green” often using recycled paper, and are themselves recycling champions – recycled at a rate of 80% (97% in Ontario), which is higher than any other product (

As the information super-highway continues to gain speed, and news becomes increasingly available, transient, and sometimes unreliable, readers will likely continue to enjoy pulling off to the side, opening up a crisp newspaper, and losing themselves in the tactile joy of paper and ink.

There are hundreds of options that we would happily explore for your organization with this trustworthy medium.  Let us get creative for you!

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