Your Social Media Gone Wrong

It’s evident that there has been a rushing flood towards social media; it’s now an important aspect of your business and marketing, but is your organization using it correctly? In fact, you could be using it all wrong, and missing out on some key points to help boost your engagement rates among donors, constituents and/or followers.

Based on a study performed by Buddy Media, and then reported on by Mashable, these are some excellent tips for managing your social media pages. The focus is on both Facebook and Twitter, and their optimal engagement of fans and followers!

First, take a look at this graph:

During the week, the number of active Twitter users clearly outweighs those on Facebook during business hours, while the opposite is true during personal hours. Therefore schedule your posts and tweets on these sites to match the optimal engagement times shown in the graph.  Here are some good tools to help you do that: Buffer App or Hootsuite.

However, what about during the weekend? The study shows that posts receive about 30% more engagement on Saturdays and Sundays.  Therefore if you were to spread out your posts and tweets evenly, approximately one-third of all your posts should occur during the weekend.

So now you know when to post, but do you know how?  Here are some quick tips:

  • Tweet with hashtags (#) – you will get twice the amount of engagement!
  • Use only 1 – 2 hashtags per tweet – anymore and your engagement will drop off
  • Posts and Tweets with a photo attached have twice the impact among fans and followers
  • Asking followers to “RT” (retweet) a post receives 12x the average retweet rate
  • Asking followers to “retweet” (spelling out the word entirely) a post receives 23x the average retweet rate!
  • Keep tweets less than 100 characters
  • Only tweet brand / ministry related content 4x per day

As you can see from the pointers we just offered, Twitter is top priority for your brand / ministry!

For the full report, or a more in depth look at what you could be doing to help your social media presence, contact us for more details!

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