The Current State of Digital Media in Canada

“Digital Media” – A subject that didn’t exist 20 years ago . . . and now it’s a vital component of all communication strategies.

Eagle-Com recognizes the importance and diversity of digital media and how it can be effectively used to reach varied target audiences.


  • Canadians spend an average of 45 hours (of personal time) online every month
  • A high majority of online banner & display ads are viewed on social media and portal sites, such as CNN
  • “Facebook” is the most popular word searched online
  • Facebook is the most visited site, and the one Canadians spend the most time on
  • Those between ages 18 – 24 show the highest engagement in social media
  • Online video viewership is up 58% year over year (with YouTube leading the way)
  • Those under 35 account for 57% of all videos viewed online
  • 45% of Canadians now use a smartphone

What will come of this? How can we capitalize on these changing trends? It is obvious that the “younger” demographic groups have wholeheartedly incorporated digital media into their lives but ECM is also following the trends amongst all age groups. In some ways, nothing has changed! From the beginning of time, it has been important to understand your audience if you want to communicate effectively. The message carriers have changed, but it is still essential to KNOW your audience and COMMUNICATE to them about things that matter to them, in a way that they will listen. It takes creative execution to get someone’s attention in a world where content is bursting out of every seam!

Eagle-Com can help you navigate through these fast-paced social media-driven advertising campaigns!


SOURCE: Canada Digital Future in Focus 2012 – ComScore, Inc. –


About Sarah Gordon

Media Distribution Manager at Eagle-Com Marketing.
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