Highlights from our day with our clients…

Charles Morris: “Unity in Christ”

  • Started the day off right by focusing our minds and hearts on Jesus
  • Spoke on how Christians should respond to devastating events such as the recent Aurora shootings
  • Reminded us of who the Good Shepherd is in Psalm 23

Art Brooker: “Friendraising”

  • Shared his successful strategies on raising funds and friends in ministry
  • Emphasized the power and importance of a timely “Thank You” (call or card)
  • Reinforced the value of honouring every donor as personally as possible

Scott Jackson: “Inside Look into a Canadian Christian Radio Station”

  • Shared the story of how God uniquely lead him to a faith in Christ but not until after he was married with children
  • Expressed his deep passion for radio and the fascinating path that lead him from a day with a DJ at CHUM-FM in his teens to the launch of 100.3 in Barrie
  • Outlined the process of applying for 88.1 FM in Toronto and his sincere desire to launch a new Christian station

Reid Simpson: “Social Media Leadership”

  • Displayed how common leadership lessons can be used to attract social media users
  • Dissected the reasons why KONY 2012 went viral, engaged viewers, and called people to action
  • Left the audience with distinct pointers on transitioning “Inspiration to Action” and how it can help with social media and online brand presence

Elmer Hildebrand: “50+ Years of Broadcasting Wisdom”

  • Guided us through the process of how Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. has grown to 43 stations complete with corresponding online portals
  • Highlighted the importance of “locally focused” broadcasting
  • Encouraged ministries to connect with people in local communities – through events or customized programs

Karla Rockwell: “Leadership Check Up”

  • Reminded us that everyone is a leader and the importance of cultivating personal leadership skills
  • Provided keys to effective leadership…including the value of good eye contact
  • Completed the day with a look at different leadership styles, and the attraction people have to good listeners
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