Email Marketing – How to Stand Out from the Pack


Today, Eagle-Com Marketing brings you some important reminders and key information on the topic of email marketing. After compiling our findings, we noticed a similar formula that many of us strive to achieve – each email marketing campaign should grab the recipients attention (amongst their jam-packed inbox), feature relevant content, and call the reader to action. Now, only one problem remains. If everyone is using this same “formula,” how can you ensure that you will stand out from the rest?

Well, by using these three main strategies, you will begin to see a significant increase in your email marketing performance and reader engagement.

STRATEGY #1: Grow your opt-in list.

Ask yourself these two crucial questions:

1. Do you have a place on your website (preferably on the Home Page) where visitors can easily submit their email address to join your mailing list?

2. Does your opt-in form provide any explanation on what the emails will entail?

The key here is to make signing up for your mailing list a quick and easy process while showing value to the email recipient! Incentivize when necessary.

STRATEGY #2: Integrate social media.

1. Make your social media presence visible – incorporate your social media icons into the email and draw readers attention to them.

2. Make the content of your email campaign so powerful that readers will want to broadcast / share it on their social networks.

The key here is that social media sharing grows your audience exponentially, increases your brand recognition, and further establishes your online presence.

STRATEGY #3: Improve segmentation and targeting.

Are you sending the same email campaign to everyone on your mailing list? If so, we would recommend you stop!

1. Meaningfully segment your mailing list into appropriate groups. Get specific.

2. Create different “drip campaigns” to be sent out based on how readers interact with your organization – capitalize on their current interest in you!

The key here is to understand your audience and the world they live in, and then craft your email marketing strategy accordingly. The more “personalized” and pertinent the content is to the reader, the more likely they will engage!

Eagle-Com Marketing is poised to assist you and your organization in designing a complete marketing strategy – including the powerful use of email. Contact us today!

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