Social Media Now Reaching 1.5 Billion People

We know you are among the 1.5 billion people on social media. We know that many of you recognize its value. Here are some insights we gathered where social media could help you in new ways.

The Top 3

Increase Revenues: 

Focus on generating new donors. Be available on social media to respond to their questions and help them through the process of getting started with your organization. Show the high value you place on donor contributions and how they can help your organization and mission. Furthermore, give donors incentives to give more frequently. This can easily be done by social media giveaway campaigns. Make it mandatory for all participants entering the contest to share your Facebook Page, Tweet, or Post on their own personal pages. This drives a huge increase in engagement, which will in turn boost donations. For further help in this area, here is our recommended application.

Save Time & Manage Employees:

Do you want to know how your employees are spending their day? Well, at least half of their time is spent on email. Shocking? We know. Managing time more efficiently on tasks that are unproductive and non-revenue generating could lead to significant cost savings by the end of the year. Here is a solution: Yammer – The Enterprise Social Network. With a similar “News Feed” to Facebook, Yammer is a secure, and private company based method of communication. It’s easy to use, and we’re sure that you’ll love it!

Build Brand & Engage Users:

The average social media user spends over 20 hours per month on all networking sites combined. By far, the highest majority of time is spent on Facebook. With that being said, gone are the days when people routinely check company websites for recent updates. Facebook has centralized that, and Facebook is now the largest collaborative news source! So, are you spending an appropriate amount of time updating, monitoring, and engaging with users on your Facebook Page? By having a strong presence on social media, your brand will be exposed. Social media sites are the best form of search engine optimization you will ever have for your business. Engage with fans, and they will respond. Click here to read on about social media branding.

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