Where Does Radio Fit Into Your Life?

While we all believe that we want to be in complete control of what we hear and read at all times, there is substantiated research that tells us that we also like to let go at times and let our favourite radio stations feed us music and information that best suits the personality of the station.  And we listen…more than you might realize.

We do however switch around at times to listen to stations that best suit the events of the day.  For instance, in Calgary, the majority of listeners tune into ‘Adult Contemporary’ and ‘Contemporary Hit Radio’ stations for much of the year.  But…for two months in the summer, it’s the ‘Country’ stations that have a spike in audience levels due to the influence of the world famous Calgary Stampede.

Likewise, during the Euro 2012 and London Olympics, the Sports oriented stations in Canada recorded higher audiences than other stations during these main events as listeners tuned in for the latest medal count or game score.

When events are significant to everyone due to their newsworthiness, the tuning to all stations will escalate particularly if the news is shocking.  The theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th, 2012 was a tragedy that took centre stage on almost every radio station in the country and the listeners did not have to tune to an alternate station for updates.

What does this mean to marketers and advertisers?  In addition to tracking the BBM audience data that is available to us to determine who is listening to whom…we also make note of events that may affect the listening patterns in a market at a certain period of time.

The PPM data for the survey period May 28th – August 26th is now available.  Below are some highlights for 3 of Canada’s key markets.  Please let us know if we can help you learn more about other markets and target groups.


About Catherine Robertson

Owner of Eagle-Com Marketing Inc. and Principal with InAccord People Development Inc.
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