This thought has gone through my mind for the past while and I decided that I would write my 1,000 words down – at least once a year!  If I die within the year, then I would like these words to be read at my memorial service…and if I live through the year, then I will write a new message on the anniversary.  I have decided that I am going to write my 1,000 words at Thanksgiving time each year because my “words” will mostly be an expression of my thankfulness for all the people who have touched me in my life.

I am old enough now to know that for everything I have, there are those who have not and for every relationship I enjoy, there are those who have lost loved ones.  Life is full of contrasts and questions!  But that won’t stop me from using my 1,000 words to say “thanks” for the ways in which you have taught me lessons, through your words and your actions.  Thank you for the ways in which you have been a partner as we have worked to do something together for someone else’s benefit.  Thank you for loving me, caring about me, teaching me, sharing life with me, praying for me, talking to me, working with me, playing with me, trusting me – our lives have connected for some reason and I am grateful.

I want to live in such a way that I can truly say that I give thanks in all circumstances…but that is really tough.  I have come to realize that giving thanks doesn’t mean that we also feel happy about what may have happened to us.  God wants me to give thanks always…regardless of how I feel.  And I have been given a few opportunities to test this out lately!  Not everything has gone as I would have wished, and I have some mountain-like challenges ahead…but I will give thanks for all that I have been given and for those around me who are helping me make some wise plans.

So, while this isn’t my 1,000 word essay…it is my way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to each of you who are still reading this blog!  Please accept my sincere thanks for all that you have done to enrich my life.  While it is dangerous to start naming people, I especially want to thank the wonderful ministries that we work alongside in Canada.  We have fabulous clients and I am personally grateful for each one of them.  Eagle-Com is also immensely thankful for the wonderful partnerships that we have with broadcasters who without, we could not provide meaningful and life-changing messages to Canadians.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving celebration with those you love.  I hope you think about your 1,000 words.  I hope you know that I am very thankful today and I am praying that I will only get more so…no matter what paths lay ahead.




About Catherine Robertson

Owner of Eagle-Com Marketing Inc. and Principal with InAccord People Development Inc.
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2 Responses to IF I ONLY HAD 1,000 WORDS LEFT TO SAY…

  1. Winston Roberts says:

    Beautiful…Thank you for saying it!!

  2. Holden Bowker says:


    Very timely and appropriate words! Thanks for sharing from your heart. We at Haven want to say how much we appreciate you and Eagle-Com as well!

    Blessings on you during this Thanksgiving season.

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