For the children…from the “child” within all of us!

Operation Christmas Child 2012

Yesterday marked the official LAUNCH of the Operation Christmas Child 2012 media campaign!  Eagle-Com has been honoured to come alongside Samaritan’s Purse for the past 13 years to promote this amazing project and help to encourage our media friends to support the campaign.

This is a particularly special year, as it will hopefully mark the year that the 100,000,000th shoe-box will be collected since OCC first began 19 years ago.  Through the packing of physical and online shoe-boxes, we have every confidence that it will happen!

That’s why we’re so grateful for all of our media partners that choose year after year to help support this campaign and encourage their audiences to participate. Here are just some of the media partners that we work with every year to arrange campaign details for Operation Christmas Child as well as our other clients.

  • Television
  • Print
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Out of Home
  • In-Store Retail
  • Theatre
  • Radio

Ultimately, Eagle-Com believes that worthy organizations should have every opportunity to convey their messages effectively and cost efficiently to their desired target audience. We are committed to facilitating meaningful and beneficial partnerships between our clients and the media partners in order to fulfill that goal. We ultimately work to ensure that Canadians are receiving life-changing messages that will make a difference for eternity.

So, will you pack a shoe-box this year?



About Shannon McAllister

Senior Media Buyer at Eaglecom Marketing Inc.
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