Men vs. Women: Who’s Dominating Social Media

Well, it is no longer “A Man’s World” as James Brown sung in the 60’s, especially when talking about online engagement. Women are increasingly ruling several social media platforms. While it’s likely no surprise that many more women are pinning crafts, home decor, and fashion ideas on Pinterest than men, they also lead the way in social media communication, posting far more frequently on Facebook, and tweeting much more often than their male counterparts.

Online MBA recently comprised some statistics, tracking online social media usage between the genders. Out of the 845 million active users on Facebook, 57%are female. Fifty-nine percent of Twitter users are women, as well as 82% of Pinterest users.

However, something about the professional nature of Google+ appeals more to men, as they make up some 71% of the 90 million users – and half of these tech-savvy professionals are under 24 years old. Reddit, where users submit and vote on online links and articles is also 66% male, while LinkedIn – a site to connect with other business professionals – is at an even 50/50 split between genders.

As we know, millions of people are using social media to connect and stay in touch with friends and family. More than 66% of all adults are connected to one or more social media platforms. And thanks to smart phone technology, 200 million Facebook users check their account from their mobile device.  That’s more than 5 times the population of Canada!

For further information on these social demographic gender-related statistics, check out this infographic.

Infographic - A Case Study in Social Media Demographics

from Mashable

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