The Power of Radio Advertising

Canadian advertisers are benefitting from radio measurement and effectiveness research results from UK based RadioGAUGE.  And the survey says…radio ads increase brand awareness – reinforcing the power of radio advertising! 

RadioGAUGE is a UK pioneered radio measurement and effectiveness initiative that has been utilized here in Canada to research and measure results of advertising campaigns conducted for major Canadian brands in the appliance, banking, full service restaurant, furniture, gaming, and petroleum sectors.

Six major Canadian advertisers received feedback on radio campaigns that took place in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 – and the results are encouraging!

A total of 800 online respondents in the desired demographic (reflecting the Canadian population) were divided into two groups.  One group was exposed to all media except the radio stations airing the campaigns, while the second “Radio Test” group was also exposed to the stations airing the radio ads. The results from the Radio Test group were quite positive:

  • Unprompted Brand Awareness 
    • “List the first three brands that come to mind”
      • 20% more identified advertised brand
  • Prompted Brand Awareness
    • “Are you aware of this product or service?”
      • 10% higher
  • Ad Awareness
    • “Have you seen or heard any ads for (brand) in the past 4 weeks?”
      • 31% higher
  • Brand Perception
    • “Is (brand) for people like me?”
      • 24% more said ‘yes’
  • Brand Consideration
    • “If you were considering buying (category), how likely would you be to consider (brand)?”
      • 22% higher preference for the brand product
  • To measure the ad’s credibility
    • “To what extent does the radio ad fit with your image of the brand?”
      • 63.5% more responded “Fits very well” and ”Fits well”

The results of these six studies reinforce the power of radio advertising – radio advertising works!


About Marian Vander Meulen

Media Director at Eagle-Com Marketing Inc.
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  1. The other spectrum to that is if your target audience are those listeners.

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