Show, Not Tell – How to use Pinterest and Instagram in Social Marketing

My toddler already has a fascination with books and loves to flip through the books in his older siblings’ library. Occasionally he pulls one from my bookshelf, settles himself down and curiously flips through the pages of some thick novel before he throws it down, disappointed.

What makes books so exciting to a young child? Pictures! What makes advertising so appealing to consumers? Pictures!

David Lee King, author of face2face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections explains how companies must be using pictures, specifically through social media, to connect with consumers in our extremely visual world.

He offers five specific tips to help you get started: (as outlined by Marla Tabaka in The Successful Soloist, Sept. 4, 2012)

1. Show off your stuff

It’s simple. Photograph your product and share it. If you don’t have a product-based business, show off lifestyle shots to connect your audience with the essence of what you do.

2. Show off your staff

Post photos of your staff on your social networks. Show off the friendly faces behind your company which will help customers connect with your staff (great picture, CHRI!).

3. Get close

The key is not a fancy camera, but getting close to your subject. Usually social media photos are just small thumbnails so make sure the subject in your photo is clearly visible.

4. Great lighting is key

Simple tips: turn on overhead lights, make sure light is behind you when you take a photo, or move a floor lamp closer to the subject. Good, bright lightening is very important to successful picture-taking.

5. Make your photos helpful to customers

The more you share photos of your product, the more familiar customers will be with it. The same goes with a new staff member or even a store location. Pictures will go a long way in making customers comfortable and familiar with your company and your product.

Finally, don’t give photos a generic name. Make it relevant and simple.

So check out Pinterest and Instagram if you haven’t already, and start getting those photos out there!

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