Brevity is the Name of the Game

Have you tried Vine yet?

Twitter recently acquired a new video-sharing platform called Vine that allows users to create and share short videos online.  The trick?  Your video can be no longer than 6 seconds in length.  Keeping long-winded videos off the service (just like tweets themselves), means that everything needs to get to the point.  Brevity is certainly the name of this game!

While it’s currently only available to iPhone and iPad users, it’s quickly becoming popular by allowing users to think creatively about what to include in their 6 seconds.  Most would argue that 6 seconds isn’t enough to show anything, let alone an ad for their company or organization – but you’d be surprised at the well-thought out ideas popping up on Vine.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for using Vine as a marketing tool:

Vine Do's and Dont's

The important thing to remember with social media is that viewers will always appreciate getting to know you and your organization a bit better.  Vine is another avenue to achieve that goal.  Go on, experiment!  And in the meantime, here’s a quick experiment of our own…

Original article:

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