Emails, Emails, Emails

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your email marketing efforts?  Are your emails appealing, relevant, and mobile-ready?  Have you tested them?

If not, you may wish to scroll through a few quick tips about Email Marketing, Email Capture, Mobile Optimization and Testing that we gathered from a recent webinar hosted by Pursuant:


We are all very aware of the amount of junk mail being sent to us each and every week.  It’s annoying and an inconvenience.  That’s why it’s important that we don’t get into a pattern of sending emails “just because”.  

  • Email messages must be relevant to the recipient.  Is there an offer?  Is there an incentive?  Is there a relevant update?
  • Eliminate any inhibitors that make it unpleasant to read or follow your message.  Too much text, small fonts, or not being clear on the purpose of the email can cause friction and anxiety.


If you want visitors to your web page to sign up for email updates, make it easy for them! 

  • Make the “Sign up for Email” button easy to find
  • Provide a limited number of options
  • Limit the amount of information required on the sign-up form
  • Make it simple, smooth and clear what the visitor is signing up for

Too many fields means too much friction


We all do it.  We check our emails on our phones.  Our phones are always with us, so the frequency in which recipients check their emails is considerably higher than it was a few years ago.

In January 2011, 84% of recipients opened emails through their desktop computer and 16% used their mobile/tablet.  Today, desktop “opens” are at 56% and mobile/tablet “opens” are at 44%.  We cannot just take an email meant for desktop computers and send it to mobile devices.  The aspect ratio needs to stay the same, or recipients will be squinting to see the screen and pinching to zoom in on everything!

  • Scale your text and images to fit a mobile device so that it’s easy to read
  • Make it easy for recipients to make a donation right from their mobile device
  • Remember that most recipients are still reading and operating their emails on a PHONE.  Why not include your organization’s phone number for them to simply hit the “Dial” button?

Easy to find "Donate" button


Do you test your emails?  You should be, because testing trumps marketing intuition.

  • Test everything; including length of copy, headline copy, call-to-action, and the donate button. Test your formats, colours schemes and wording.  Wording can be extremely telling; should recipients “give” a donation, or “submit” a donation?  Test it!
  • Keep in mind that while testing is important, it does take a while to make sure the results are statistically valid, and you may not see huge gains from one result over the other.

Communication matters to Eagle-Com and we are here to help you convey your message effectively.

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