Have Your Say – Part I

Eagle-Com is dedicated to facilitating partnerships between our valued clients and media partners.  It has been our honour to come alongside Christian ministries as they have worked tirelessly to encourage Canadians to meet Jesus and discover God’s grace.

We not only value what our clients do – day in and day out…but we also value their thoughts and opinions.  We recently asked our clients to give us their thoughts on the topic of Easter.  As we approach the time of year when we celebrate the most pivotal event in human history, we wanted to gather some wisdom and share it with you.

We recently asked our clients to answer the question:

If all broadcast radio stations across Canada (all formats, Christian and Secular) gave you 15 seconds during their morning show, how would you describe what Easter means to you?”

We will be sharing the responses with you in our blog – both this week and next.  You may want to ask yourself how you would explain what Easter means to you.  May you be blessed with a wonderful season that reminds you of the greatest love story that has ever been told!  Happy Easter!

Jeff Adams
Director, Communications and Creative Services Dept.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada & Samaritan’s Purse Canada

“Easter is when the son of God made the greatest sacrifice that the world will ever know – for you, me and everyone else. And then He rose from the dead – giving us the opportunity to spend forever with Him and those we love. Christmas is good, but Easter is the best!”

Terence Rolston
Focus on the Family Canada

“The worship and celebrations that characterize Easter are to me the most moving and meaningful of any that we participate in. They mark the most tragic and triumphant events in history. Moments that captured Christ’s greatest expression of love and definitive victory over death and sin.  The culmination of His divine plan for us to know eternal freedom and life. Simply remarkable!!”


Charles Price
Pastor and Preacher
Living Truth Canada

“Not only does the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ stand at the very centre of Christianity; it actually stands at the centre of world history. Every time you write the date you are writing about Jesus Christ”

Tom Copland
Chartered Accountant
Copland Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation 

“Christ’s sacrifice on the cross provides everyone with the opportunity to have a close, personal relationship with the God of the universe. Jesus said ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.’ (John 10:27)”





Thank you so much to our wonderful clients and friends for taking part in this unique and personal blog post!


About Shannon McAllister

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