The Middle

If you have ever been to our “office” here in Vancouver, then you know we operate within a unique setting.  You see, we’re not situated in the hustle and bustle of a busy city building or in a business complex with other neighbouring companies.  We operate Eagle-Com out of a home; a beautiful home in the suburbs of Vancouver where it’s quiet and you can see the eagles soaring on a windy day.

There are seven of us at Eagle-Com, and while we are all spread about this home by desks, laptops, stairs, printers and binders, I am fortunate to be right in the middle of it all. From my perspective, my desk literally sits in the middle of the house if you will, where people come and go and congregate and share stories of what they did on the weekend.

I’ve always loved being “in the middle” because quite honestly, I love knowing what’s going on.  As I answer the phone each day, I need to know who’s already on another line and who’s out of the office, or who’s in a meeting, or heaven forbid, who’s “indisposed”!  Being in the middle helps me do that.  

Being in the middle also helps me know what’s happening with our clients and media partners.  I’m able to chat and catch up with people across the country – and I consider that a privilege.  I enjoy knowing that vacations are being taken with family, or Sharathons are going well.  I love knowing that a client needs prayer for their family so that I can join them in taking on the burden, or that they’re getting ready to tear down an old decrepit building to start construction on a new beautiful facility!

I don’t think it’s any coincidence then, that not only do I work in the middle of the office, but I work for a company that in itself is “in the middle”, facilitating partnerships between ministry and media.  It’s something that we take seriously and value in everything we do, and it’s an honour to work alongside incredible people across this country that have a heart for Jesus and spreading His gospel.

So next time you call Eagle-Com and I answer the phone, you can picture me in the middle of the office…and loving it.

PS – You are always welcome to stop by for a visit if you’re in town; we really enjoy hosting our friends!


About Shannon McAllister

Senior Media Buyer at Eaglecom Marketing Inc.
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2 Responses to The Middle

  1. We love visiting your office, Shannon! Your office reflects your team: warm and welcoming!
    And I think God gave you your love for “being in the middle” and then created the perfect role for you at ECM, where you can use your gifts and strengths for His glory every day!

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