“PERSPECTIVE”…is one of my favourite words.  In fact, I am convinced that almost everything in life comes down to our perspective which ultimately determines how we will think, speak and act.  The interesting thing about perspective is that it changes from one person to the next; from one situation to another; and is affected by time, space, geography, health and season of life, to name only a few factors.

Even though we may define perspective, it is a word that represents something that is ever changing and fluid and depends on its context.  And all of this doesn’t even address the perspective we bring to relationships…which are ever-changing at best.

You may not agree with my perspective on any number of subjects, but my perspective is right to me – at least until I have new information that helps me form a new perspective.

So, why do we need to talk about this word today?  As you know, Eagle-Com publishes a weekly blog called “Eagle’s Perspective” which has been our way of sharing our thoughts on any number of subjects.  Thanks for reading along with us and if you have missed any blogs, they are all posted here.

I’ve had the privilege of being in the Media Planning/Buying business for 38 years!  Over these years, I have changed my perspective on how people live and consume media and make decisions about what they will buy and to whom they will make a donation.  I have watched how Canadians not only wrestle with how to stretch their money; but also how to stretch their clock!  We are bombarded with too many choices for the time we have.  Every now and then, I make a list of all the things I’d like to do in a given week.  I allot hours to sleep, work, time with friends, time with God, volunteer work, chores, appointments, personal care, exercise, cooking, eating, family chats, etc.  My hours usually add up to around 200; however, there are only 168 hours in a week!  And so, I try to put some perspective on what matters to me, remembering my favourite quote…“the enemy of the best is the good”.  Every day I have to give up good things in order to do the best things – all because my perspective on life is determined by my values.  And my values determine the perspective that I will bring to my relationships and my situations.

May I challenge you this week…as we watch spring burst forth…to look afresh at what you value and the perspective that you have on all aspects of your life and all your relationships.  And next time you find yourself in a conversation (particularly if it is frustrating or difficult) consider the perspective that you and others are bringing to the discussion.  You will find that one of the best ways to resolve conflict and enhance a relationship is to put yourself in the other person’s “perspective shoes”.  What they see is real to them – and you may just have to start from their perspective.

Today, my “significant perspectives” include…

  • Caring husband…who is different than me in many ways, but we are very compatible
  • Motivated Children…who are making great life decisions and show their love to me consistently
  • Aging Parents…who are still independent but find it hard to move around
  • Dedicated Staff…who faithfully work hard and demonstrate their loyalty to Eagle-Com and our clients
  • Committed Clients…who have invited us to work alongside them to reach Canadians with life-changing messages
  • Generous Media Partners…who find creative ways to promote our clients and their great work
  • Real Friends…who I could call at any time of the night or day
  • Loving God…who will never leave me nor forsake me and guides me through every day

The people in my life help me repeatedly consider my perspective on my thoughts and decisions.  As I walk through this season of life, I am grateful for those who have shaped my perspective on so many subjects and I look forward to keeping my mind open to new thoughts and ideas.  My perspectives are…my perspectives!  May I be wise enough to know which ones are based on real values and which ones need some tweaking!

Thanks for following this journey that we are on with “Eagle’s Perspective”.  We appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts with you and we invite you to share your perspectives with us too.


About Catherine Robertson

Owner of Eagle-Com Marketing Inc. and Principal with InAccord People Development Inc.
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