She can cook…but not the books!

Eagle-Com is very happy to announce that Ruth Robertson has joined our team as Bookkeeper / Administrator.  Ruth is now in her 3rd week at ECM and has already proven in many ways that our decision was well founded and we have gained a wonderful new member for our team.

Ruth has worked in the hospitality industry for several years and has extensive experience with Starbucks!  Before specializing in the Bookkeeping/Administrative field, she also earned a Certificate in Culinary Arts from Vancouver Community College.  This definitely means that she will be available (under her Administrator title) to make great meals for our clients!  She will not however be doing any “cooking” while doing the bookkeeping!

As a way to introduce you to Ruth, I asked her a few fun questions – enjoy her answers below!  And if one of your questions is not listed here, please feel free to contact Ruth at

  • What is something about Starbucks that most of us don’t know?
    • Starbucks is committed to bettering the lives of the people who grow Starbucks coffee. Starbucks does not just buy any coffee beans; rather they establish long term relationships with coffee farmers and build schools and medical clinics.  They work to make life better for the people who provide the coffee so that Starbucks can do what they do best.
  • What is the most popular drink at Starbucks?
    • This depends on whether it is hot or cold out, but the Caramel Macchiato or Vanilla Latte are most popular.
  • What are some of your interests?
    • I am a bit of a sci-fi geek and love my Dr. Who!  I also knit and bake. 
  • What is one book you would recommend?
    • I just finished “It all Goes Back in the Box” by John Ortberg and it had a great impact on me.  Keeping your eyes focused on the important things is vital. 
  • What is one of your favourite quotes?
    • “Your life is an occasion, rise to it!” From the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. 
  • What is something on your bucket list?
    • Well, it wouldn’t be flying a plane, since I have done that already. Maybe it would be to bake the perfect soufflé.
  • If you got to spend a day with anyone who has ever lived, who would it be? 
    • If I were to spend the day with anyone who had ever lived I think I would spend it with my dad.  I don’t get to spend as much time with him anymore and we have always had special times together as I was growing up. These included special weekend breakfasts and Starbucks hot chocolates. These were our father-daughter dates. Mostly it would just be time ‘to be’ rather than ‘to do’.
  • Why do like numbers and money things (i.e. why bookkeeping?)
    • Having been a cashier for such a long time I like to know the ways and the whys of everything. I would often be the girl at work who knew how to do all the one off transactions such as travellers cheques. Along the way I also became cash controller and always needed to know what had happened if money went missing.  It all just seemed to start there. 
  • Why are you excited about working with Christian ministries?
    • We all hear about ministries and most of us only know the ‘BIG’ stuff and yet very little about what goes on behind the scenes. I look forward to learning the hearts of these ministries and helping more people hear their messages.  
  • Are you related to Catherine and Doug Robertson?
    • Well…I may or may not be Doug’s eldest niece!  But that isn’t how I got this job…I was still put through the thorough interview! 
  • When is your birthday?
    • Tomorrow!

Ruth we are so happy to have you join the Eagle-Com “Team”!  Happy Birthday!



About Catherine Robertson

Owner of Eagle-Com Marketing Inc. and Principal with InAccord People Development Inc.
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One Response to She can cook…but not the books!

  1. Bob Butts says:

    Happy Birthday to Ruth and welcome! She’ll fit right in if she loves Starbucks and she’s a geek…uh, I mean…welcome!

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