Change it up!

My family and I recently moved to a new home.

Well okay, not exactly a new home – it’s a 30-year old house with “room for improvement”!  But it’s ours and we are excited about the opportunities and potential.

Our move coincides with the one-year anniversary of Eagle’s Perspective. Thank you for coming along with us on the opening leg of this journey – we hope that along the way you have learned something new, been challenged by an idea, and maybe even smiled with us as we shared news, ideas and perspectives!

You may be thinking, “Okay, but what’s the connection between Marian’s move and the Eagle’s Perspective anniversary?” 

The answer is this – both have forced me to grow, to think about new things and to view things in a new way, to see opportunities through a new set of lenses. While the transition is challenging (like planning the best Eagle’s Perspective topics to share, or packing … and unpacking four 3-ton truck loads of ‘stuff’) the end result is beneficial and energizing as we see new opportunities!

As we commit all of our ways to prayer, we are also opening up to God’s leading and direction in a new and exciting way, making ourselves available to embark on new adventures with Him!

I’d like to give you a challenge:  take a new route to work tomorrow. Step out of the rut and think in a new way. Change it up!  And while you’re at it, commit each day and decision to God.  God is unchanging (“I the Lord do not change” Malachi 3:6), but sometimes we need a change to help us view things in a fresh way, to bring us back to what’s really important, and to re-commit all our ways to Jesus.

Here’s to unpacked boxes and new adventures!


About Marian Vander Meulen

Media Director at Eagle-Com Marketing Inc.
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