Make Space

Today’s post is from our very own, Ruth Robertson!

Since joining Eagle-Com in mid-April, I have introduced a long commute into each day!  Now I realize I haven’t been commuting for very long yet – not even two months. However, in that short amount of time I have learned that most people don’t know all the rules of the road. There are many poor driving habits that can be frustrating on the daily drive to work, but the one that stands out to me is people’s inability to merge properly.


Imagine that you are driving along the freeway. Everything seems to be going well and you are making great time. You are flying along when all of a sudden traffic slows to a crawl and the road turns into a parking lot. As you slowly inch along, you crane your neck to see what the ‘cause’ of the problem is. Finally you make it to the root of the traffic – a part of the road where people are merging to avoid construction or a stall. Yes, it’s guaranteed that you will have delays as the two lanes of cars try to squeeze into one. But the problem is exacerbated by all the people who aren’t merging appropriately.  Traffic is moving extra slowly because a few drivers decide to do what they want to do; regardless of others or road rules. They may race to the furthest point of the lane to get ahead, or they may refuse to create a space for others. Whatever the reason, it seems as though merging is never as smooth as it should be.

This difficulty in merging makes me think of our Christian lives. We are supposed to make space in our lives for Jesus to move into. We are supposed to be patient and allow Him to change us. Yet, how many of us put off making space for Him because we don’t have time or because there is too much going on in our lives? How many of us feel frustrated because God doesn’t answer our prayers as quickly as we think He should?

If we all made space and waited our turn, things would actually go more quickly in the long run. The drive would be smoother and we might be just a little happier.
God wants the same thing!  He wants us to make space for Him. He wants us to pause and allow Him to change us. In the end it could change our whole journey.

Can you relate to Ruth’s commute?  Send a her a quick email at!


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