Spring 2013 BBM Results

The results of the most recent BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) monitoring period have been released; reporting on the period: February 25, 2013 – May 26, 2013. This data measures the listening habits of various demographic groups in radio markets across Canada. Eagle-Com analyses and tracks radio listening habits in order to better understand who is listening to which station…and when. This analysis is extremely important for media planning and buying.

Each station caters to a slightly different audience and not all stations are equally effective at reaching a desired target group in a desired target market.  Every station can claim to be #1 – at least at some point of the day or night – for a certain target group!  However, we know that being #1 does not necessarily mean that a station is ideal for a campaign.

It is critically important to define the objectives of a media campaign prior to making decisions regarding which mediums to utilize.  If radio is the chosen medium, it is vital to analyze the strengths of each station and understand how listeners may have moved from one station to another in search of their favourite music, talk shows and informational reports.

The infograph below is only meant to be an overview as each advertiser and each campaign would have specific and unique objectives. The infograph is based on two popular demographic groups (Adults 18+ & Women 25-54).

Eagle-Com would be pleased to provide you with data on the demographic group that you are trying to reach!

Can’t see the Infograph?  Click here to view it another way!


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