True Service

Hi I’m Sarah,

I have been part of the Eagle-Com team for 8 years and I am the ‘Media Distribution Manager.’ That may not mean much to you and in fact people are always asking me to explain my job!

Fist and foremost, I am responsible for making sure that all of the media partners (Radio & TV stations, Magazines, Websites, etc.) get the materials they need to fulfill their contracts. That might mean they need a commercial for a campaign, or an ad to print in their magazine or a program to air on their station. That seems clear enough right, but how can that possibly take up enough time to be my job? Well, to get everyone what they need requires A LOT of files – a few hundred every week. Plus, things need to be coordinated with our ministry clients who provide the files and the media outlets who will be carrying the programs and campaigns.

However, you are correct – there is usually some time to take on other roles too. The rest of my time is split in a few ways. I work in our production department where I assemble programs and create short feature programming.  I also do design work, manage our website and help with various internal systems. For example, Eagle-Com has recently incorporated an online workspace which allows us to communicate internally and manage all of our projects – from anywhere at any time.  Stay tuned for more articles on “PODIO”…which we would highly recommend!

My role in distributing media brings the hard work of many other teammates to fruition. If I have something to distribute, Catherine, Marian, and/or Shannon have already negotiated the plans with the media partners. 

There is no spotlight on my job!  I serve to support our company in many ways and ensure that our client’s messages are where they should be on time.  I enjoy my job and I like knowing that I play an important role, “behind the scenes”.   

Many things we do in life are for the purpose of supporting others and often times, they go unnoticed.  It is on these occasions that we are reminded that true service doesn’t look for a reward.  Eagle-Com is a company that works in the background to ensure that our ministry clients and our media partners have what they need to effectively convey their message to Canadians.  I am glad that I can be one part of this team!  

Do you have a question or comment for Sarah?  She’ll be more than happy to help you and can be easily reached at!


About Sarah Gordon

Media Distribution Manager at Eagle-Com Marketing.
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