The Rock and The River

If ever there is a time for “perspective”, the month of transition from one year to the next seems to be that for me.  Like so many of us, I have reflected on 2013 while anticipating 2014.  It is truly a season of “why did I do that”, “why did I say that”, “how did I make it”, “what did I learn”, as well as “how can I do better”, “what can I improve”, “who can I help” and “where can I serve”?  It seems to be the annual review of what took place and how that will help me with what will take place.

I am calling 2013, “The Rock and the River”!  It was a year full of change and transition and there were significant adjustments that had to be made.  We moved from a Home/Office set-up on the bluff of Tsawwassen overlooking the Gulf Islands to two separate locations – a home in Surrey and an office in Delta.  Gone is the water view; gone is the protection of a small town; gone is the short commute to work (i.e. down the stairs!).

However, with every change, we also gained new experiences that replace those that we have left behind.  Maybe I won’t talk about how our office is now in an Industrial Park and how I have never seen so many trucks in all my life!  Rather…I will talk about the very functional and attractive office that we have been able to lease from Outreach Canada…and where we know that our rent is now helping a ministry!

Miraculously, Doug and I were able to buy a home…okay…we qualified for a mortgage (which will be paid off when we are 85!)…and we are abundantly grateful for the way in which we were lead to a cozy place in Panorama Ridge; otherwise known as a neighbourhood in Surrey!

The move was complicated and required hundreds of tasks, but our team made it all work smoothly and I have been reminded again of how incredibly dedicated the Eagle-Com staff are to our company and to our clients.

When I look back over 2013, I realize that we are asked to live a life as though we were going down a river.  We can never stay still, there are many twists and turns along the way, there are often curves which prevent us from seeing very far and the path is sometimes wide and sometimes narrow.  God has put us on this earth and has designed it such that we live with constant change and transition.  This is just the way it is and the way it was meant to be.

However, God also says that we will ALWAYS have the Rock with us…and it will never change.  What an amazing contrast.  While we go down the river of life, we are given the ability to always see the Rock – from every vantage point.  The Rock never changes and will forever love us and guide us – the true and  ultimate compass.

I found this fascinating and enlightening!  We have to move and change; God never moves or changes.  Not only will I consider this to be the theme of 2013 for me; I want to remember this as I go throughout 2014.  No matter what the river brings my way…I will keep my eyes on the ROCK.

I am also committed to praying for our “Eagle’s Perspective” audience throughout 2014.  As we navigate the river together to serve and help and change lives, I want you to know that our strength and guidance will come from the ROCK.

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About Catherine Robertson

Owner of Eagle-Com Marketing Inc. and Principal with InAccord People Development Inc.
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